20 November, 2012

NaGa DeMon: Day 20

I'm working on a few new character types for Ghost City Raiders, but a few things are bugging me.

I like games where different characters bring new strategies and play styles to the table.

The miniatures game "Malifaux" does this with certain heroic characters possessing abilities that flip core rule concepts on their heads to make wildly different play experiences...this means that some of the heroes are much harder to wrap your head around when you first start to play them, but it adds a quirky strategic element to play.

The different teams in "Blood Bowl" do this as well, but at a simpler level. One team might have better stats for throwing the ball, and thus they become more strategically adapted toward a throwing game, while another team might have stats (and abilities) that lend themselves to a running game.

I'm a bit worries that my first batch of characters for this game are all a bit vanilla. None of them really flip the game around in any dramatic way, none seem to open up the possibilities for new play styles.

Maybe as starting characters they don't need to. Maybe I'm just over-analysing things.

It's probably better to make sure the basics run well before moving on to the twists and turns of complex game-changing mechanisms.

With that in mind, here's the Artisan of Steel.
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