07 July, 2018


No, this post isn't an attack on Olivia Hill. This is just typical of the crap that has bugged me over the years that I've been trying to design games.

This particular tweet has come at me from a few different angles over the last couple of days, with numerous people from different gaming circles claiming how awesome and innovative it is.

My problem with it...?

This is the way I've been writing games for years. I don't claim to be a massive innovator in this field, especially since this has been the essence of storygames for years.

If someone with little face value in the community does something, they don't get noticed. If someone who won the population lottery, or someone with social privilege in the community, does the same thing... they're lauded as an innovator and voice of the future, even if dozens of people have been doing the same thing before them.

I don't know if it's just the ongoing struggle against depression manifesting again, if people will just say "get over it" (though the typical person who says that is one of those very designers who won the popularity lottery and has people fawning over their every word), if I'm saying a truth that everyone already knows but doesn't often state, or something else. It makes it a struggle to keep trying to do new things, or rearrange old things into new combinations.

Anyway, back to the miniatures, the familiars, the agents of the law, and those other projects on my plate.

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