The Triangle of Character Archetypes.

As I try to keep the new system simple, I've encountered this chart. 

If I were limiting the three types of character actions to "Battle", "Sneaking", and "Mysticism", this chart would be great, a clever way to distribute a whole heap of occupation types across the continuum. The problem is that I'm using four types of action (ignoring "Sneaking" but adding "Knowledge" and "Influence") so a triangle doesn't cut it. Instead I'd be looking at a tetrahedron, where each point is a type of action and the various occupations exist somewhere in a three dimensional matrix within the solid form. 

By splitting apart the actions, it also eliminates some of the central issues in this chart. Most of the chart has similar character types together, but I wouldn't have thought ninjas were so similar to merchants or bards.

It's a good chart, and very inspiring toward current projects, but not quite exactly what I'm after. 


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