Initiative Order

I never got the chance to play Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. It was one of those games on my list is products that I figured I'd get around to...then it was gone.

So that meant I never saw The initiative system used in the game. I'm not going to redescribe the initiative system (that's why I provided the link), but when Fred Hicks tells you it's OK to steal a system for use in your own game, it sometimes seems prudent to consider if your game has a hole that the system can fit into.

My current project has no initiative system, and I was actually trying to wrap my head around a few ideas that just didn't mesh with where I wanted to head. This initiative idea is pretty simple and might  be what I was looking for...or a good starting point anyway.

As I write this, the system reminds me of some games with miniatures that I've played over the years, if I remember correctly an early incarnation of Confrontation used something quite similar (where each player chooses the next one of their opponent's troops to activate).

Now There's a few more minor things to think about and all of the pieces will hopefully lock together in a way that makes sense.


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