A Game Design Rubric

It's not often I post two things in a row which are basically links to other blogs (and quick commentaries on them), but I saw this and thought it was worth it.

A Rubric of Game Design

This is a plain english attempt to categorise games, generally board and card games, but with a few tweaks it could cover most types of game.

I don't 100% agree with this, but it's an admirable attempt. There seems to be a feeling that each listing starts with the best possible option on the scale, then works through a sliding progression down to the worst. I'd agree with some scales if that were the case, but in many cases my optimal games sits at the s cond or third highest rung on the ladder... I don't want a game where every choice is just as good, I prefer games where there are tough choices perhaps choosing bigger risks for potentially bigger rewards, or sacrificing short term goals for the long game.

As a method of establishing ground rules for the discussion of games, it's not bad. I might end up referring back to it in later posts. For now, time to have a coffee and do some painting.


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