25 August, 2014

Let's Try This Patreon Thing

I've set up a Patreon to help earn a bit of extra money and further the cause for mapping work across the internet.

This is basically structured into two levels, digital backers and physical backers, and for the moment will basically focus on sets of geomorphs. I've looked at a few other patreon pages and think that the prices I'm asking are fairly reasonable, but we'll just have to wait and see.

I think this is the link, please let me know if it works.
[EDIT: Thanks for the confirmations, it works.]

I'm hoping that once geomorph sets have been produced for the Patreon, they will then be made available for sale through RPGNow (as digital copies) and The Game Crafter (as physical copies). Those people kind enough to support me through the Patreon will simply gain earlier access to the map fragments and have the chance to determine which maps sets will come next.
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