24 August, 2014

Impending Geomorph Release

All this talk about geomorphs is no good if the theory isn't put into practice.

This week I'm hoping to release two sets of geomorphs over on the Vulpinoid Studiios RPGNow webstore.

Each will be a three-phase system, and each will have around 30 hexagonal geomorphs. The sets will each comprise an uncoloured set of 30 inked hexes, and a coloured set.

In hyperbolic marketing speak, that's 60 tiles per set.

The first two sets will be:
A general landscape set (with the three phases "open plain", "road", and "forest").
A subterranean set (with the phases "open space", "passageway" and "rock").

I hope they sell well, I've got a few bills to pay at the moment.
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