12 August, 2014

Expanding the Chronicle

My Voidstone Chronicles project is steadily ticking away, a few people have taken an interest in it. But it was always designed to be an expanding world, which would be developed more as time went by. With that in mind I've spent a bit of time adding some new elements to the setting.

The initial release saw five cultures (north, south, east, west and central), and four occupations (adept, disciple, hunter and warrior).

But recent work has seen me develop a few new cultures and next I'll work on a few new occupations.

One of the new cultures is an alternate central group. Where the existing group was comprised of high ranking nobles, this new cultural group ("The Triad of Central Syndicates") is a lower class criminal underworld.

A second culture is a group that players may not start with, but instead a group that may be defected to during the course of play. These are nomadic outcasts on an endless pilgrimage of redemption.

Four additional cultures are being worked on now. Each focused on an element and each bringing something new and diverse into the world. The culture of the "Metal Touched" are basically undead, and characters may end up infected by this group if they are killed by someone who is "Metal Touched". The culture of the "Wood Touched" are immortals infused by the vitality of living energies...characters might end up switching to this group if they are healed by someone who is "Wood Touched". The "Fire Touched" are passionate spiritual beings, I haven't worked out much more about them as a group yet. The "Water Touched" are also still a mystery.

The six impending occupations will blend the four basics, and none will be available to new characters. They are designed to be advanced paths for players to follow with their characters once the basics have been mastered.

These will be added to the Voidstone collection over on RPGNow, automatically updating the set for people who have already purchased a copy. Once the full range of additional cultures and occupations have been added to the collection, the basic cost of the set might see an increase to $6 (rther than the current $5 price tag).

I still really like a lot of the comcepts in Voidstone Chronicles, hopefully it will keep picking up traction.
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