White on Black (NaGaDeMon 2018)

No, this isn't a post about racial hate crimes. It's about page layout and developing mood in a text.  

In a game where the characters awaken in a swampland locked in eternal darkness and threatened by creatures of the murky shadows, it makes sense to me to have thed rules be as dark as possible. OneBookShelf has trouble with printing black text onto a gradient, or even onto greyscale (because the greys come out either over or under exposed, and the mood is instantly ruined). So I'm thinking of running with white text and line art on a black background.   
I'm not going to keep writing this post that way, because the formatting is just bugging me here on the blog.

This idea isn't particularly innovative, I remember the Lasombra Clanbook doing it quite some time ago.

I do think the idea is still uncommon enough that it makes a nice novelty and quirky feature for this particular game.

Generally, things seem to be falling into place for the game. I should have a playable version for people who are interested before the weekend is out. I should also have a draft copy of the equipment guide for The Law, for anyone who'd like to take a look.


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