Actions have Repercussions

"Hey look at me! I'm edgy and causing controversy!"
"Oh, oops, I went too far? Who would have thought that being controversial might lead to trouble...people are saying bad things about me... no, no, I didn't mean it... yes I like that guy you think is an arse, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't like me."

Yep. I called it. I don't necessarily like calling it, but I feel it's a moral obligation to call out people who are causing problems.

Some folks are leaving the LotFP banner.

...and the fearless leader really isn't apologising over it, he's just sorry that his creative partners are leaving.

Quite a few of us have been pointing out for a long time that the shock-and-awe model of publicity really wasn't doing much to endear that pillar of the OSR community to the wider gaming world, but it's a bittersweet situation to see things unfold the way they have.

I'm hoping this will be the end of it, that people have learned a lesson from experience when they wouldn't listen to the warnings... I suspect the cycle of life will see the situation return, either with LotFP again, or some other publisher.

For the moment though, I've done my calling out, it's time to get back to my own design work... focusing on producing what I consider to be the right games, rather than calling out those I consider to be problematic. I'm also hoping that other parts of the OSR will look at the outcome of the situation and adjust accordingly. There are a few good people in that crowd, trying to push gaming toward a more inclusive audience using the aesthetic of the earliest games... maybe more of those folks will get a bit of exposure now.


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