Types of Actions (NaGaDeMon 2018)

To keep things simple in this game, I'm going with 4 basic types of actions, and two starting types of survivor. The survivors are either Amnesiacs (who can do basic things and assist other characters in their tasks), or Aware (who have enough self-awareness that they can engage in more specific tasks). Each player gains control over one or more Aware survivors, while the Amnesiacs are basically a pool of assistants. As they perform deeds and gain experience, Amnesiacs may become Aware.

2 Actions anyone can do, regardless of whether they are Amnesiac or Aware....

Tending the Fire (successfully keeping the fire alive efficiently)
Recuperating (resting, eating and drinking )

2 Actions are initially limited to Aware survivors.

Exploring the Swamp (each hour a new part of the swamp may be explored, trudging across a previously explored part of the swamp takes half an hour)
Collecting Components (taking the time to specifically scavenge an area for a variable number of firewood pieces, craftable components, food or water)

Then we have more specific actions where a survivor needs a specific skill before they may be attempted.

Crafting (using components to create tools, weapons, armour, camp defences, etc.)
Healing (eliminating more substantial penalties on other characters)
Tracking (following tracks in the swamp toward potential prey and more lucrative supply sources)
Magic?? (some rare individuals may gain the ability to enchant their fellow survivors, or use herbal components to brew mysterious elixirs)

There will also be combat actions that come into effect when the camp is ambushed, or a creature is encountered during exploration.

Each of these actions will follow the 1(fumble)/2-3(fail)/4-5(succeed)/6(special) progression.

Characters who have proven their mastery at specific skills will gain the ability to roll an extra die, choosing the best result. Characters suffering penalties will roll an extra die, choosing the worst result. Character with both a bonus and a penalty just roll the single die.


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