#Inktober Day 29 - Double / Technology

Those who exist in the most high-tech realms, rarely know that their lives are reflections of possible future realities and dreams. Existence for them is just the same daily routines that they have known all their lives. If reality shifts around them, their memories will change, and they will always remember things that may or may not gave been a part of their lives yesterday. Quantum ripples shift their existence, but they never feel them.

The awakened citizens of these realms know better.

There is a lucrative trade in technologies that have yet to be developed in the physical plane as well as those that should not ever be brought into existence. The ultraviolet market specialises in trading these goods to visitors who might scatter them across the realms. Such items might include energy infused bio-locked swords that might only be drawn from stones by those with the right DNA markers, or symbiotic realm hopping devices with chameleon circuits locked to match a 1950s British Police box...

...anything is possible for the right price.


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