#Inktober Day 31 - Slice / Precious

Today, our Inktober journey concludes. Yes, it's a week late, but I wanted to make sure I finished.

It is said in some of the hidden texts, that immortals transcend the physical world to explore the metaphysical realms beyond mirrors, behind dreams, obscured by shadows, and echoed in myths. These texts also contain hints of another level of transcendence, where a soul may exist beyond even the pseudo-reality of the spirit realms. But the thing about metaphysical reality is that there is always something bigger, something nastier, something stranger, something less well defined. For all the horrors across the known planes of reality, there are more dangerous things outside reality, unnamed and unknown by mortals of the physical plane, and carefully ignored by even the most powerful entities who wage war across the corporeal and incorporeal realms. To acknowledge their presence gives them power, to name them gives them reality, to depict them gives them solidity, even if only in the dreamscape...

...but these elements of defining them also restrain their infinite chaotic potential. Naming vague metacelestials as protectors of the realm binds them to work against others who might seek to obliterate the world.

As souls venture outward, these conceptual entities venture inward, and the war of reality wages eternally where they meet.


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