09 October, 2015

#Drawlloween #Inktober 9 - Eyeball

Dismembered sensory organs are left as warnings by some of the more barbaric groups of bandits across the hive. No one is quite sure when the first eyes and ears were used in this way, and few have offered suggestions as to which tribal groups might have started the practice. The only certainty is that the more civilised groups in the Darkhive tend to avoid areas marked with dismembered eyes, ears, tongues, and fingertips.

In recent years, certain explorers seem to have answered the mystery of these organs; claiming to have encountered mutant bandits who seem to have deliberately removed their senses to replace them with fungal symbiotes and mystic relics. The stories of these mutant bandits speak of cults dedicated to fungus, even more than the culture of the Panaho, they believe that by exchanging their valued sense with a connection to "the fungal grey" they might transcend their bodies to become one with the fungus once their time as an animal life-form has come to its end.

This would suggest that the sensory organs are not so much warnings, but perhaps invitations to join with these orders of fanatical transhumanist cultists. Either way, civilised survivors are disturbed by this practice and tend avoid areas marked in this way.
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