12 October, 2015

#Drawlloween #Inktober 12 - Moon

Yesterday there weren't enough birds in the enclosed spaces of the Darkhive to justify drawing a Raven. Today, there is no open atmosphere in which a moon could be seen.

The moon is a concept typically brought to the Darkhive by survivors. They remember their home planets which may have had one moon, or possibly even many moons. In many of the cultures from which these survivor's descend, the moon is a symbol of spirituality as a protector of the night, as a mysterious object that is capable of fading in and out of the sky, the connections to the moon become a symbol of faith... some believe that there is a moon in orbit around the Darkhive even if they can't see it.

The concept of a moon survives on all manner of jewellery throughout the Darkhive...rings, pendants, amulets... while the mystical significance is always present, and the religious spirituality is common, this isn't always the case. Some wear the crescent simply because it is a bit unusual or exotic, others wear it because they aim to give the appearance of being more mystically aware than they truly are.

There are a number of spiritual groups who have adopted the crescent as their symbol. Most notable among these are the "Order of the Slivered Light" who believe that the Darkhive itself is the moon of a giant dead planet locked in darkness in the physical plane. These mystics believe that somewhere at the heart of the Darkhive is an immortal being trapped in rock by ancient gods, and surrounded by protective shells maintained by the Hiveguard. They often debate the finer points of whether the immortal being was rightfully imprisoned (and thus should remained contained through the assistance of the Hiveguard), or whether the immortal being should be liberated (with the possible assistance of the Shellbrood). Luckily, the "Slivered Ones" spend so much time debating one another that they haven't set a specific course of action. Either could be deadly for the other inhabitants of the hive.

A second group to adopt the crescent moon are the Keepers of the Prophetess. They seem to be an offshoot of a religion from a far off land, but they generally keep to themselves. There are only a few villages where the religion of these women is practiced, most notable for the fact that they keep their men completely draped in cloth, unable to reveal any flesh at all to the outside world.
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