06 October, 2015

#Drawlloween #Inktober 3 - Goblin

A few scattered parts of the Darkhive are home to warrens of a mischievous and dangerous race who have commonly become known as Bakemono or Goblins. These creatures seem to have enough of a genetic difference to the other intelligent and sociable races of the Hive that they are not affected by the fungal affliction that empowers females and weakens males. On the other hand, these creatures seem to multiply at an incredible rate and mature within weeks; if it weren't for their constant infighting and their propensity for attacking Shellbrood in glorious charges that very rarely succeed, they might have overrun the hive a long time ago. Since their entire lifespan can be measured in months, maybe there just isn't enough time for these creatures to fully succumb to fungal infection.

The vast majoity of goblins encountered are male, but those few who have been willing to talk about their people indicate that there are rare females who command the race from in the shadows, often giing birth to litters of a dozen or more every couple of weeks. They also speak of a great maze or labyrinth which seems to be their homeland, some are quite happy to have left that place, while others seem to be on a quest to return home.

While goblins themselves are short lived, an interesting phenomenon has been reported by those who have encountered the same group over a period of time. Over years, the same weapons, armour and equipment seem to be passed down through generations, and those who possess such items seem to manifest similar abilities, even if they don't look anything like the former possessors. It is hypothesized that spiritual beings may inhabit these relic items, perhaps even sharing a connection to the goblin who wields them.

Trying to get any sense out of the goblins regarding this issue has proven futile.

(Yes, these are the goblins from my Goblin Tarot deck, somehow escaped in small numbers from their homeland and into the Darkhive.)
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