25 October, 2015

#Drawlloween #Inktober 21 - 8 Bit Zombie

In the Darkhive, encountering a monstrous, not-quite-living. threat can be a reasonably common occurrence. Major settlements might have a shambling former survivor appear at the gates every week or two, smaller settlements deeper in the hive might see these hopeless creatures on a daily basis (unless they make deliberate efforts to wipe them out from an area). Such creatures may be animated through the psychic energies of ghosts, they may be afflicted with regenerative fungal symbiosis to such a degree that they simply cannot die, they might be infected with parasitic fungi that are reanimating a dead corpse, or might be the results of "frankenstein" experiments. It can be hard to tell.

In cases where these animated former survivors still retain a degree of intellect (when they can obey simple instructions, or generally remain docile), they may be allowed to survive. They might be put to work pulling merchant carts through the tunnels of the hive, or attached to treadmills to provide motion for machinery. In cases where these creatures are too dangerous to keep around, they are typically cut into a minimum of 8 pieces. Head removed, torso cut in half, limbs removed, and at least one limb cut in half. These pieces are then buried in fungal patches, or thrown down shafts where they tend to be carried off by carrion eaters. No one remembers where the 8 bit dismemberment originated, but it seems to be an effective way to neutralise those who won't "stay dead". Particularly persistent animated corpses are then burnt on a bonfire.
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