13 October, 2015

Darkhive Worldbuilding (Part 33) - Roam

In essence, this is a setting to be explored.

The idea has been to provide broad brushstrokes to set the tone for exploration in the world, and a few details that can be plugged into the larger picture in a way that makes sense to the ongoing narrative of those adventures.

To this end, we've defined ways in which the protagonists of the setting gain powers that differentiate them from the wider community, we've set threats for them to face, we've given them a variety of types that might work with or against one another in a wide assortment of potential political maneuverings, we've deliberately set certain parts of the world as a creative void to be explored, ad we've integrated the whole package into a generally coherent unit.

I think that's pretty much everything that I'd really need from a setting, as well a many of the things that I don't really need...but are nice to have as story hooks and narrative motivators.

I've started the process of integrating this setting with my "System 4" series of game mechanisms. There is more work to do in that regard, but that stops being the process of world-building and starts becoming something else.

I hope there is a crowd of people who might be interested enough in this setting to maybe consider sending their own adventurers through it one day. Along with the steampunk/pirate setting I developed last year, I'm still hoping to write up some formal setting books to publish via crowd-funding (as soon as my university workload has subsided for the year).

I'll be finishing off my exploration of the #drawlloween / #inktober images with regard to the Darkhive for the remainder of the month, and then we'll move on to new things... or, more accurately, we'll finish off some old things during November for NaGaDeMon.

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