19 June, 2015

Now for the Blow Out (Game Chef)

I'm not going to write any more text for Dragonfly Brewing Company.

I could end up fine tuning, clarifying, and iterating the design based on playtest feedback for years (and have done so with previous projects in the past).

Now I'm working on formatting, adding colour, defining page layouts and generally making the thing more presentable...and that's where file sizes start exploding. I can't just do simple things, I want to make things that people want to look at.

So over the next day or so, the file size will double, and maybe double again until I'm happy with the final result...

...oh and I still need to add in character sheets... and maybe a few more flying bugs.

Dragonfly Brewing Company

We've got colour now, and different backgrounds for the different card types.
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