23 June, 2015

116 English Language Games (Game Chef)

I love to see the cutting edge of game design, and with it I try to predict where games will head next (I'm invariably wrong...but hell, it's fun trying to predict things anyway). I considered writing up a review of each English Language Game Chef entry, but 116 entries could be tricky. There's actually more than I expected, because I only saw two dozen or so people regularly popping their heads up for breath with comments on G+ as the contest occurred.

...and to add 76 first time participants into the mix. It's great to see new people giving it an attempt. On the other hand, there have been years with 60 or more participants in the past, so that mean a lot of people who have attempted the challenge before declined to participate this year.

As soon as some kind of list come through, I'll start some reviews of random titles that catch my eye... nothing by the game designers who might be well known... In fact, I might just start with first timers (or people who are new to me anyway).

I'll start scouring the G+ posts shortly, expect a review or two some time in the next 24 hours.
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