25 June, 2015

Final Review Ratings (Game Chef)

In my reviews so far, I've decided to give the final scores a general grade based on the total percentage. For those who have been wondering, I'm just using the university grading system common in this part of the world.

85-100% = High Distinction. 
An exceptional game that I really can't fault especially given the time constraints. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if none reach this mark.
75-84% = Distinction.
A game of great quality that really feels like a coherent product that I'd offer money for. I'd expect maybe 10% of the games to reach this kind of mark.
65-74% = Credit.
A solid effort that either brings something new to the field or is simply well presented. I'd expect about 30% of the games to end up here.
50-64% = Pass.
An adequate game that is generally functional and meets the criteria of "a complete game", but nothing particularly noteworthy. I'd expect about 40% of the games to end up here.
30-49% = Needs Work.
No honest entry into Game Chef should be considered a failure, these games may not have quite met my criteria, but there is obviously effort there. I'd expect maybe 20% of the games to sit here.
0-29% = Try Again.
No real effort seems to have been made here. Most people who produce a game at this level know what they've done (or haven't done), and they don't bother entering such a design into the contest. I don't expect to see any games of this level.
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