03 January, 2015

Revisiting Voidstone Chronicles

I've been spending the last two days revisiting my Voidstone Chronicles game and setting. Creating new pictures for the game, and looking over the rules based on some feedback I received in a session of "Tooth and Claw" (which the core game mechanism is based on.

I'm thinking of doing some dramatic changes to the game. These changes will streamline the game quite a bit, and eliminate a particular quirk in the rules that makes some types of task virtually impossible for certain characters, and other types of task way too easy (regardless of the actual intended difficulty).

Before I start making those changes, I'd like to find out if anyone out there has actually read through "Voidstone Chronicles", and if anyone might have even given it a play. OneBookShelf tells me that there have been 24 copies of the game sold in it's life so far, so I'm hoping at least one person who has bought it has actually gotten around to reading it, and that they might be a regular reader of the blog.
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