06 January, 2015

Design Alchemy

The start of this year has been a period of refinement, purification, experimentation, and development.

I've already shared my intentions to revisit "Voidstone Chronicles", and I think I've found a good new core system to hang the existing structure on without too many changes. I've also looked at "Ghost City Raiders" and have started to develop a themed deck of cards that improves the play experience for that game. Both of these two games wee designed to be modular products that would expand as the interest in them increased. But at this stage, I haven't quite gotten around to expanding them very much.

I did a quick look through the sales of each product, and they're both steady earners. Not "Platinum" sellers, but they tick over a slow and steady revenue stream. So it's time they both got a bit more love.

Once I've dealt with them, I might go back to 'FUBAR' and finish off the GMs guide I was writing for that game, then maybe get stuck back into 'Walkabout'. We'll see how things go.
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