31 January, 2015

Fonts and Cards and Other Stuff

I haven't posted much this week, because I've been focusing on a few ideas that have taken quite a bit of my time (and a detour to hospital with Leah took a sizable chunk of my attention as well). Generally, I've been busy, it's been a productive week...just not here at the blog.

I've been busy programming with Ren'Py, trying to get this "Rentpunk" game working and looking right (even though the deadline has well and truly expired). I've been drawing new images for the game, and toying with some other concepts.

The fonts I alluded to earlier, for easy and modular dungeon design, have been designed. Not quite exactly as I'd intended, but good in a different way. I can't upload them due to crappy internet connection at the moment.

Hopefully some good news coming soon.

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