07 January, 2015

Ghost City Raiders card deck preview

As I mentioned earlier, I've been working on polishing up some of my existing products.

The in-play image for "Ghost City Raiders" on the DrivethruRPG site doesn't look great. It's functional, but it's not really immersive at all. It doesn't look particularly inviting, so I've long considered the idea of a card deck specifically designed for the game. A deck that is functional, but reflects a ruined landscape when it's place on the table to depict the scenario map.

I'm actually thinking of two decks, one depicting overgrown ruins and another for desolate landscapes. But getting things started with a single deck is certainly a step in the right direction.

Here's a few of the cards I've already put together for the first deck, where each suit reflects a different type of terrain. Hearts for overgrown grass, Diamonds for rubble, Spades for dirt, Clubs for parched/cracked earth. At a few of the key ranks, each card depicts something in addition to the type of terrain depicted, one rank shows ruined floors, another shows water pools, the face cards depict ruins, skeletons, and places of interest. The jokers are something particularly special, but I'll leave them as a secret for the moment.

Here's a couple of the card images I've been working on so far.

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