20 September, 2013

Revisions and Rewrites

I'm revising and rewriting chunks of the core Walkabout book after not looking at it for a couple of weeks. I've noticed a few things that just feel a bit awkward and don't really describe the way the game has played out in the various sessions I've run. It's a long and tedious process, but something that needs to be done if a polished product is going to emerge at the end.

I'm trying to cull some of the superfluous details, refine some of the parts that don't read clearly, and generally reshuffle some of the parts that feel out of order.

I'm getting pretty close to what I want from the core book, and it will be time to start compiling the "manga-style" player's guide with all the play examples soon. A few more pictures to do in that regard.

It's also been good to hear of a few people inspired by what I'm doing in this project. Over the past week I've had two people contact me privately about different parts of the system for clarification, or to draw inspiration for their own works.

With university study into the methods of learning and development that can be accomplished through play, ritual and "safe zones", new elements of this project are starting to falling into place. If I can share any bit of these with other designers then that's a step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned.
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