01 September, 2013


I had a dozen titles to this post..."The imaginarium of Dr Abed", "Troy Barnes: Reality Cop", "The Jeff Winger Blues", "Annie's Armageddon", "The Wrath of Chang"...if you don't watch the TV show Community, you wouldn't get any of them.

The idea is a game to be run at a convention, or more accurately a series of interconnected games to be run at a convention. First a series a table top sessions, each running for 5-6 players, then the players from each of these sessions gather for a LARP-style session where cliffhanger moments at the end are resolved.

It's all loosely based on a specific Community episode where a die is rolled and six (or seven) different timelines deviate. Characters undergo changes due to the deviant events in each timeline, and the whole notion becomes a running joke through scattered episodes in the remainder of the series.

Each tabletop session would tell the story of events in one reality for the core group of characters (Jeff, Britta, Troy, Abed, Annie, Pierce, Shirley)... the climax throws these realities together, and allows for new players to come into the mix (Chang, The Dean, LeonardCon, Starburns, maybe even Inspector Spacetime, etc.)

The 'core characters' plat out their story arcs in two parts...the tabletop leads up the the climax and the LARP plays out the climax. The additional characters get to throw twists in the events to make things interesting for the core characters, and they get to decide which group of core characters are the true reality when the session ends.

It's a seed of an idea at the moment.

I hate it when these seeds take root...now I'll be obsessing over it for months.
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