08 September, 2013

Hell on 8 Wheels back on the Agenda

Regular readers of the blog (and those who are willing to dig through the archives) might be aware of the boardgame I developed based around the awesome sport of roller derby. The game is called Hell on 8 Wheels and plays a bit like a cross between Bloodbowl and Formula D.

Good news. We've found a few producers of miniatures who are ready to help us sculpt up some teams for the game, as long as we find the money. So that means we'll be doing some more playtesting before the year is out, and we'll launch a crowdfunding campaign next year (hopefully...along with the Walkabout one). The basic version of the game will consist of two card decks, a board and a series of counters. The advanced versions and stretch goals will include one or more variant teams of skaters for the track.

I hope this works out, because there has been a lot of interest in the game.
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