Too far out of the box?

Is it possible to develop a project that's too far out of the box?

I know the answer is yes.

Is "Beneath the Glass and Steel" too far out of the box?

I didn't thnk so.

There are plenty of ideas that come out before their time, and there are plenty of ideas that require a bit of extra work to make them useful. The thing about these is that it might just take a little longer for those ideas to see their time, or maybe a bridging tool that helps explain how the new idea is useful... maybe both, maybe it just takes a while before someone creates that bridging tool.

I'm not intending to stop with "Beneath the Glass and Steel" yet, I'm hoping that a few more issues will show people it's potential as a game resource. If it still doesn't catch on, then I'll need to move to phase 2... generating that bridging tool myself.   

Maybe I'm just overanalysing stuff again.


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