Images of the Sprawl

Here's what I've been working on as images for the for the new 'zine. I'll probably throw together half a dozen in this style for every issue because it only takes half an hour or so to generate each one, and for the most part they're derived from freely accessive creative commons sources.

In much the same way that I'll be calling on other authors to help flesh out the 'zine, I'll probably be drawing on a few other illustrators for the project too. One of those illustrators will probably be Chris Tamm, who runs the blog Elfmaids and Octopi, and who I've mentioned previously for his Planet Psychon stuff. He does some great lo-fi stuff that really fits the aesthetic I'm going for here. Besides, he's been ding it tough for a while, and I just want to throw some money his way to help him out.


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