RPGs in the Classroom

I've been interested in the idea of using RPGs in an educational context for a while. So when I was alerted to this article about using D&D in a STEM setting, it got my interest.

This is something I'm going to try working on this year, as I head out to a rural community to teach practical crafting and artistic skills, and whatever else I end up teaching. I'm hoping to find a few more scholarly articles, to back up my plans, and justify the ideas if I'm queried.

I've often found people in my gaming groups have an overwhelming desire to learn quirky facts to inject them into games at critical moments, or use obscure knowledge to justify actions attempted during a game, so the aim would be to instill this curiosity in a group of students... getting them to want to learn, so that they might gain advantage in whatever game I run.

Similarly, if I choose to run domethong crunchy, then the addition multiplication and modification of numbers becomes a mathematical exercise, and we can analyse probabilities in the game, and optimal strategies that might normally link to meta-gaming, power-gaming, and munchkinism...

...or maybe we can just focus on social interplay, and sociological studies during the roleplaying games, while delving into mathematical concepts through a miniatures game (with crafting and art handled by miniature painting and terrain building).

There are so many options here.


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