City Trip

The big move is coming, so I took one last trip into Sydney with my wife to make sure I spent my store credit at Games Paradise, and do those things in the city that just won't be possible living a few hundred kilometres from any kind of metropolis.

A few urban referenced shots were taken, comic shops were visited, Chinese baked goods were consumed, as was sushi, quirky stationary stores were explored...

...these are things I'll miss about living in Sydney, particularly the way certain parts of it look just like they belong in a cyberpunk setting, and other parts look no different than I've remembered them for decades.

I particularly went in to get myself a copy of Blades in the Dark, but the store was out of stock, so Leah ended up getting Sushi Go Party Edition...

...and I got the starter books for Fantasy Flight's incarnation of Legend of the Five Rings.

I'm digging through these now, and might have a bit of a review shortly. But the way house packing and moving is going, that might get delayed until the end of the month. We'll see how things go.


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