Other Strangeness GM Guide

Here's the second part of the updated rules for Other Strangeness. In this case it's the guide to the player who facilitates the flow of the story. Note that this is not the player who provides the story, because like in the other games generally produced by Vulpinoid Studios, the story is a collective endeavour that unfolds organically as the characters engage with the world around them.

There will probably be additional hints about running things scattered through the other pocketmods in the system, but this should be enough to get a group started.

The next booklet will be the guide for players to create characters, then a guide to create locations that might function as characters hideouts or places of interest, and then a guide to creating items. after that I'll present a few sample characters, places, items, and story hooks, before finally offering the various animals, cultures, and occupations that allow players to make a diverse range of strange characters and mutants to focus their stories on.

By that stage, I should have started work at my new job, so we'll see what happens from there.


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