The journey awaits

As I sit here playing the waiting game, I have a hundred ideas that I want to start work on, but as I said in my last post, I really don't need to start on new stuff when there is existing stuff that needs to be finished off.

Part of the problem here is that more than 75% of my house is currently packed up for a move where I don't know where I'll be heading, and I don't know when it will occur.

I'm losing readers here at the blog, because I'm not particularly doing much interesting at the moment. People are moving on to other people with more exciting things to observe.

At the moment, I'm just sitting here working on more geomorphs and trying to avoid getting frustrated by bureaucracy. I'm just feeling like I need to do more, but don't know if I should start it out of fear that as soon as I get started, life will have a major shake-up and any new projects will be abandoned until life settles down again.'s some dungeon geomorphs with pipes on them.

Maybe it's time for a little project again, like a pocketmod. Maybe a pocketmod miniatures game?


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