Between generating modular dungeon geomorphs, revising the quartermaster's/equipment guide for The Law, and tinkering with the 'Bring Your Own Miniatures' rule set, my creative game design work has been pretty busy lately.

That's meant I haven't posted much.

I remember a time when I was posting every second day, if not daily.

I'm even finding that I don't post daily pictures on my Instagram, but instead post batches of catch-up shots that I've taken over a week or so.

Life is ge erally in flux at the moment. I really want to do more of something, but I want that something to be meaningful. Maybe finishing off the 'BYOM' rules, or knocking out that equipment guide in the next week or two. 

At the moment, I've given up on the idea of exposure in the rpg or game design world... I'm just happy churning out work because that's what keeps my mind active. Maybe some time, a few years down the track, someone prominent will say "Hey, look at this guy! He's been doing the stuff we've been trying to do for years... and look at the catalogue of work he's produced." But if it doesn't happen, screw it, I'm doing what makes me happy.


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