25 June, 2016

Supporting some fine English folks

I'm an Australian of strong Scottish heritage, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the fine work of some great English game designers and manufacturers of miniatures. No, I'm not talking about Games Workshop... I'm talking about the independent guys, who are going to probably face a tough couple of years in the near future with the whole status of the UK with regard to the EU kerfuffle.

I'm not going to get into the politics of it here. I generally save my rants about politics and religion for Facebook. What I know of a lot of them, I think I know how they probably voted.

My only thoughts with this post are to let thewider community know about them, and maybe point a few sales in their direction to help them out as uncertainty looms (also helping the rest of us out while the British Pound is the weakest it's been for quite some time). 

First up, I'm thinking of Mark Bednall from Grey Matter Figures who produces one of my favourite pieces of resin ever. 

Fairies wear Boots, Mark Bednall - Grey Matter Figures

Next I'd link to Rob Lang, along with his ICAR game system, and other endeavours... but ICAR is free anyway (and in irregular ongoing development). Ah, hell, just go over and have a look at it anyway. It's not often you see a game system developed by a real life Doctor of Robotics. If you really want to pay him money, download the game from DrivethruRPG as a Pay-what-you-want product, to help feed his addictions for drones and Lego. 

So back to another manufacturer of miniatures who has taken too much of my money over the years, and that would be Hasslefree Miniatures. So many figurines, most of good quality, and some outstanding, virtually all of them reasonably priced even when the British Pound was worth a bit more.

Next, I was told to take a look at the work of Andy Foster at Heresy Miniatures. I'm glad I did, and some of the work from that team will definitely be added to my shopping list. 

It's not only the English who are affected by all this mess. Also think of the Scots, the Welsh and the Northern Irish. I'm pretty sure Contested Ground Studios count among the Scots, I could be wrong but I do know they hale from somewhere in the UK. I've mentioned their games Cold City and Hot War a few times over the years, and they remain influential parts of my design process.

These are just the first few producers of gaming products who came to mind when I started writing. The folks I chat with at least semi-regularly, or whose products I've purchased that bring back fond recollections. I'm sure there are plenty more, let me know if I've missed someone in the comments below.

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