23 June, 2016

New Mapping Tutorials

I haven't posted much this week because I've been violently ill. That means there hasn't been an influx of people looking at my recent posts, but a more general view of what people who don't know me look at. Or at least, it's shown which parts of this blog are most linked by the world outside.

People seem to come to me for the mapping tutorials.

So, I'll push my Patreon in that direction. Maybe producing a mothly tutorial booklet on a given theme... 8 pages, of mixed text and images. First offered in an 8 page hi-res 600dpi A4 through the Patreon, then released in a reduced resolution form (100 dpi?) A4 at a single page, twice per week.

With that in mind, here's some preliminary map work I've been developing for the "Familiar" game. 

This is basically using the 3D software Bryce to block in some buildings for a city section. These blocks will be traced and detailed by hand as I put together the core setting for the game... a neglected section of a city that could basically be anywhere in the world. You could use any other area for your games, but this map is designed with a range of prompts for storytelling. I'll go into a lot more detail for this process as a part of the Patreon.

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