15 June, 2016

Post Game Chef Thoughts

I've been asked to develop an ongoing post-apocalyptic LARP based on my thoughts last week. That means I'll be incorporating a few elements from my previous attempt at a game like this (a project tentatively titled "Can of Beans"), with a few elements from my Walkabout project, and the basic structure of the last LARP system I developed.

Basically that means that every character will be defined by a culture and a series of occupational stepping stones that build up a life path and give abilities along the way. There will be a range of starting occupations, and then a series of advanced occupations that may only be entered during the course of play as character meet certain requirement or achieve specificin game objectives.

The core cultures for the game will be:
Scavengers - who pick from the ruins of the old cities to make new lives of their own
Nomads - who travel the ancient highways, always moving and trading with the settled folks
Tribalists - who have returned to the pre-cvilised life of the ancient world
Sheltered - who have been brought up in the last pockets of high-technology
Outcasts - who have been mutated or otherwise transformed due to radiation or darker energies

The starting occupations for the game will be things like:
Delver - who deciphers the items of the past
Farmer - who grows things and sustains the last pockets of life
Hunter - who brings meat back for the village
Militia - who protects a person or place
Rider - who rides a horse or motorcycle
Thug - who hits things for a price
Tinkerer - who makes things from whatever is available

Now the ideas are spining through my head again...

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