16 June, 2016

Lycanthropic Inspiration

One of my first live roleplaying experiences was portraying a naive young werewolf. I wouldn't say that my character was led astray by +Klaus Teufel but things certainly became a lot more interesting after our two stories became entwined.

Lycanthrope stories have always inteested me. Whether the werewolves and Loup Garou of european folklore, the Kitsune of Japanese tales, the shapeshifting coyote trickers found in the legends of many Native American groups, African Spider shifters (Ananasi), the many anthropomorphed animals of Native Australian folklore, and many others found across the Pacific and various other parts of the world.

The scope for playing these variant animal types from around the world was one of the things I loved about Werewolf: the Apocalypse, and one of the things that I really thought was missing when White Wolf shifted to Werewolf: the Forsaken. They might have been added in later books for the game, but the first few books that I looked at just seemed to abandon that possibility of diversity.

I've been toying with animal games quite a bit recently, whether mutant animals or familiars, and it probably all links back into my love of the lycanthrope genre. Trawling through the internet for inspiration images, and finding pictures like this, really makes me want to finish work on at least one of those games.
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