14 April, 2016

Mimimalist Urban Rentpunk

A new 200 word RPG for urban fantasy magi on the down low.

Minimalist Urban Rentpunk
Character Sheet
Allocate dice to Attributes – d6, d8, d10, d12
Attributes – Combat, Influence, Knowledge, Magic
An item
A food
2 edges
3 people who owe you favours

2x Goal Sheet
What do you want? [] (edge/equipment gained)
What’s stopping you? [][][] (accumulate 3 successes/marks before attempt to claim it)
If complete, write new goal.

Day divided into 4 sections – Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
Everyone gets a single action scene during each section. Choose person to describe scene, then choose who describes scene’s challenge. Difficulty for scene challenge based on number of scenes character has been awake. First = d4, Second = d6, Third = d8, Fourth = d10, Fifth+ = d12

Failure: Your die < difficulty die
Partial Success: Your die > difficulty die (risk favour/equipment [lost/damaged unless 4+ on d6], or use edge to succeed)
Full success – Your die > difficulty die x2
Success earns new favour, finds food or damaged item, repairs item, or achieves/marks goal

If Section spent asleep, choose…
Unsafe: (reset awake count, roll to regain skills [4+ on d6], erase a mark on each goal sheet)
Safe: Use favour, barter away equipment, or eat food (as unsafe sleep but all skills return)

(Updated to change a few things that weren't particularly clear, such as mechanics for favour and equipment risks, and a few word rearrangements.)
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