12 April, 2016

Bug Hunt Proofing

Bug Hunt has been sent for proofing.

Roughly $35 manufacturing cost, roughly $40 to get it sent from the US to my place in Australia.

I really wanted to get the game ready as a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project, but with those costs and the way the Australian dollar is going at the moment, that works out to $100 a game in this part of the world.

I'm looking at maybe running with a $50 retail for the game, with free shipping to the US. Then adding an extra $20 for shipping to Australia, which hopefully means I'll break even on the games shipped to Australia. I'm told shipping inside the US will cost $6-10, so I'll make a little bit of profit on those games.

This project will only make me some money to cover a minimal level of additional stock to sell at conventions (and give to playtesters as a reward for their services), if bulk discounts kick in. According to rough estimates, by the time I've sold 10 units, I'd be able to cover the cost of an extra game for myself...at around 50 units I might be able to cover 10 extra games.

With those numbers in mind, I'd be looking at a minimum crowdfunding of $2500, with any stretch goals occurring at $3500+ for something small (like a linen finish on all the cards), and $5000+ before something significant is added to the project (like an expansion set of cards).

Those numbers don't seem too exorbitant compared to a lot of the crowdfunded projects I've seen.

Maybe I'm missing something.

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