10 April, 2016

Gender Imbalance in a Game

I'm doing a university assignment on educational diversity, and the specific troubles certain groups face in the world. I'm using my Bug Hunt game as the framework for this project, since I know it works, and it has a solid educational basis with three distinct levels of play for different player types (novice, intermediate, expert).

Since this game project is meant to be an educational experience, I foresee that a lot of the groups in my class will be developing traditional roll-and-move games where trivia questions about social justice issues allow extra die rolls if answered correctly. I foresee a few groups developing concepts where asymmetrical sees one player with an advantage, while the others act disadvantaged...like the meme about Monopoly where one player starts with 90% of the cash and most of the properties, while everyone else fights over the remainder. Unlike Monopoly, I want a game that's fun...a game that teaches things through emergent play and interaction of the rules, rather than through a specific set of rules written in black and white. I think the lessons should be implicit rather than explicit. If a student learns it for themselves by understanding the way the patterns fall into place, they'll be more inclined to internalize the lesson than if they had it preached at them.

The rest of the group has decided that the issue our game will focus on is "Gender and Sexuality".

Now I'm just trying to work out the best way to incorporate this into the game's design.
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