06 April, 2016

Fantasy RPG Design Challenge

Like I said at the start of the month, it's that time of year again... Competition season.

We kicked off with the 200 word RPG Challenge, and now +Brent Newhall gives us "The Fantasy RPG Design Challenge"...

Here's the details so far...

The Fantasy RPG Design Challenge will expand this year.

The goal: Spur the creation of fantasy RPGs that avoid fantasy tropes. Designers will have to avoid both fluff tropes (elves, dwarves, magic swords, etc.) and mechanical tropes.

To that end, I will post increasingly difficult challenges every couple of months. The next challenge, which I will launch in 2 weeks, will add to the list of fluff tropes by requiring a default setting other than something similar to Medieval Europe. That's not the only change, either.

Later challenges will target D&D-style mechanics. 

I have ideas for even more interesting challenges than that later on. So find your design hat and start thinking!
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