Mapping Procedure (Part 2)

This mapping commission consists of three maps. One for the base camp, one for the overland trek, and one for a mountain to climb and explore at the end.

I've already shown the map for the overland trek.

The details of the base camp were based as a loose interpretation of this map.

The tricky bit has been the mountain. The general idea is that the characters will explore an ancient legendary mountain that has settled around the remains of a petrified dragon. I thought it might be interesting to depict the mountain as a cross section, depicting the dragon writhing in the centre of the mountain. Other ideas just didn't look suitably mountainous, or suitably draconic.

Pencil sketches were sumbitted to the client.

On being given the go ahead, inking was started...

...followed by shading of the rock inside the mountain. Here I deliberately used multiple thicknesses of pen to emphasise the shapes of the petrified dragon, as compred to the other stone comprising the terrain. 

A bit more shading, and with approval from the client I'll add this mountain into the map for the overland trek. Then scanning and maybe colouring.


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