Academic Research into Roleplaying

I recently finished my university degree, a Bachelor of Arts focusing on Social Analysis and Sociolinguistics. The final stage of that included research into play, particularly focusing on the cosplay community, but touching on elements of LARP. One of the things I found was that there really isn't a lot of research work being done into the field of adult play. There is a bit coming from the Nordic scene, but most play research is focused on the elements of children's play and the realm of computer gaming.

But there is a lot of adult play going on.

I'm writing this post as a call out to anyone who reads the blog, and who might know of some academic papers, journal articles, or other sources, that discuss adult play. I've been thinking of doing some serious research work in this field for a few weeks, and there seems to be a drive in the local community (at least partially driven by +Keiran Sparksman) to get some more formal work done in this sphere.

I know a few people have posted links to the Nordic stuff, but I'm hoping the comments to this post will consolidate a lot of those sources as a point from which my research can start.


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