A Reflection on the Year

I set out this year with the intention of completing a number of unfinished game projects... I think that I've successfully completed none of them. On the other hand, I've completed a university degree, created a quite a few entries for various game design competitions, seen a huge increase of traffic to this blog, I've helped drive a LARP group in a new and interesting direction, and completed a few commissions with my cartography services. I can't say that this year has been a failure, it's just not seen the successes that I had initially aimed toward.

I deliberately put Walkabout on hold this year while I engaged in some studies into Australian Indigenous Culture at university, I had no idea that I'd end up in regular contact with a group of local Aboriginal elders who have been teaching me far more than any textbook. I've also visited the largest Australian Indigenous library in Canberra (with them) and have been given all the research materials I could ever need to ensure that Walkabout is completed in a culturally sensitive way, with the blessing of the very elders I had feared possibly offending.

I did get quite a bit further with finalizing a new edition of FUBAR, and that should be ready in the next couple of weeks (as long I don't get too many more distractions).

We'll see what next year holds.


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