Episode 7: A Review with Minimal Spoilers

If you've watched any of the trailers, nothing I say here will spoil things.

I took +Leah Wenman to see "The Force Awakens" and we both really enjoyed it.

It felt like a familiar return to something. A comfortable fit in a number of ways, with enough interest to show that the story might beheading in a new direction.

My biggest issue is not with the movie, but with the events around the movie. Even just by watching the trailers you'll know that one of the major characters in the movie is a young woman. I hadn't seen many toys of this character, and this bugged me because my wife is a huge Star Wars fan and this might be another character for young girls to look up to. After seeing the movie, a lack of toys for that character seems even more ridiculous. I'm also expecting some of the existing prominent toys to disappear now that the gender of those characters has been confirmed.

But those are concerns that have little to do with the actual constructed narrative of the film, which is familiar in a number of regards, and very true to the oeuvre.

Not a perfect film, but a very good one. If you're a fan, you'll have certain expectations, and they will generally be met.


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