24 November, 2015

The FUBAR rewrite - Maps

I'm thinking of putting together a half dozen maps for the new FUBAR setting. Maybe getting them printed at A2 size, and presenting them in a leather map-roll tube, or something similar. The aim is to create an "in-world" artefact that might be used for plotting the adventures of the characters as they explore the setting, or plot their revenge on the people who have wronged them. 

I like the idea of props at the table, and something like this could be a tangible way of ensuring that evryone is on the same page when the story starts to get chaotic. It also helps to show how different parts of the setting are related to one another (especilly if someone decides to set off explosives that destroy a few city blocks, or activates a gas cloud covering a two kilometre radius, or some other crazy deed). 
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