05 November, 2015

Leaving the Darkhive

I think we've finished our Darkhive journey for the moment. It's a pretty rich world with complex dynamics between the different cultures that comprise it. There are an assortment of mysterious and dangerous villains to add a sense of menace. There are dozens of story hooks to lure players into possible adventures. It's got a few points of difference to everything else on the market at the moment. That's most of my checkboxes ticked.

It hasn't been one of the more popular series of posts on the blog, but it's been something I've needed to get out. For those who've stuck around, thankyou.

Now it's just a case of taking all of those assorted notes, and compiling them into a coherent book form. But for the moment, I'll take a break from the hive because I really need to get my System 4 game structure working, and I need to get stuck into a few other projects that have been lingering around.
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