04 November, 2015

#Drawlloween #Inktober (Bonus Number 32) - Saint

In our world, Halloween or All Hallow's Eve, is the day before All Saint's Day. A time when the dead walk the earth for one last night before they are called for judgement before all the saints and the Almighty. (I'm sure there are other versions of this story,and that's not even counting the pagan rituals upon which the whole holiday was based). It only seems fair to end this series of #Drawlloween / #Inktober images in the same way.

Not everything about the Darkhive is sinister or dangerous. Hidden in the shadows are fragments of hope, flickering in the tendrils of every flame are the energies to survive and the ability to dispel the darkness to allow another day of survival.

It's hardly surprising that fire cults are common across the Darkhive, and eternal flames are common signs of civilisation at the centre of many settlements. Many settlements claim to have a patron saint residing in their eternal flames, such saints may actually be ghosts, mystics who have ascended to the state of astral entities, or may be nothing at all. All that matters is that the survivors have a belief that there is something protecting them, and something to continue living for.

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